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Premium tutors:-

  • Saurabh Vishnoi  (B.Tech.)

              Exp-9 yrs   Mathematics,chemistry,Physics

  • Avinash Nigam (M.Sc.,B.Ed.)

               Exp-10yrs, Subjects:-Mathematics and Physics

  • Brijendra Shukla (M.Sc.,L.T.,DPL)

              Exp-22yrs, Subjects:-Mathematics

  • Amit Kumar (M.Sc.)

              Exp-8yrs,  Subjects:-Physics

  • Miss Nikita (B.Tech.)

               Exp-3yrs,  Subjects:-Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics upto grade 10

  • Rakesh Singh (M.Sc.,Ph.d)

               Exp-7yrs, Subjects:-Chemistry

  • Mr. Sukhija(M.Com.),

              Exp-24 yrs, Subjects:-Accounts

  • Mr. Yogendra(MA),

              Exp-6yrs, Subjects:-Economics

  • Vidhi Prakash(B.Tech.),

              Exp-5 yrs Subjects:-Mathematics,Chemistry and Physics upto grade 10

  • Prashant Saxena(M.Sc.),

              Exp-7yrs, Subjeccts:- Mathematics,Chemistry and Physics upto grade 10


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